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Our Team

Mission:The provision of health services, and improving human life
Team Goals : the industry leader
Team spirit: specialty, integrity, passion and aggressiveness
Team concept: Keeping improving and never-ending

R & D Team
We have an excellent R & D team, all members have a university degree or above, some engaged in research for many years, has a wealth of experience in R & D. We also cooperate with many institutes and universities in a number of projects, they can provide us with the highest quality technical support in the route design.

Quality Tnspection Team
We will test the quality of each batch of new products, to provide customers with the data of HNMR, C13NMR, HPLC, GCMS, COA and so on, to ensure that each batch of product deliveried to the customer are quality products.

Business  Team
Run-biotech has a capable business team, most of the key members have many years of market development capability, have a wealth of experience and andabundant customer resources in the field of Bio-pharmaceuticals, API and Health care products.
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